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Estonian Peat Association is a nonprofit organization representing more than 30 companies in the field of peatland management and peat production in Estonia. It was established on the 27th of November 1992, being one of the first specialized associations in the newly independent Republic of Estonia. Our aim is to be a reliable partner for our members in the fields of economy, environment and legal affairs.


As Estonia regained its independence in 1991 it was evident that along with all the other sectors, management of peatlands and peat production will also be restructured. So far peat production had been organized in the respective departments of the Estonian Agricultural Equipment. It were the people from these departments that got together on the 27th of November 1992 and decided to create the Estonian Peat Association that would from then onwards jointly represent the voice of Estonian peatland managers and peat producers.


During its 25 years of operation, the association has had two core principles: to ensure the competitiveness of peat on the market and to stand against any unreasonable bureaucratic legislation. For this reason, members of the association believe that their interests are better represented via a common organization rather than everyone fighting only for themselves.

Also, cooperation with scientists has been equally important throughout the years. From the establishment onwards the association has always been opened to different scientific organizations. Greatly thanks to good personal contacts, Estonian peat producers were invited to a meeting with the International Peatland Society (IPS) to Sheffield, UK in 1993. After this several peat companies became members of the IPS and today Estonian Peat Association serves as the Estonian national committee to IPS. Although scientific organizations have never officially become members of the association, there is still a close cooperation in various matters.

International Cooperation

Estonian peat industry has had the honor of hosting several high level international events, greatly thanks to the IPS membership. The first international symposium on bogs and peatlands in Estonia (Pärnu) was held under the umbrella of IPS in 1995 and it attracted 152 attendees. Next event to be held on Estonia was the International Peat Congress in 2002, where there were already 286 attendees from 26 countries. As Estonia’s unique nature and competence on peatland management remains highly valued across the world, we are honored to host yet again so far the biggest international event in Tallinn, Estonia – International Peatland Congress 2020!


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